Snapshots of Fatherhood: Restorations and Cropping

Snapshots of Fatherhood: Restorations and Cropping

If you follow @XAHkids on twitter, you may have already read Tracing The Expanding Definition of Fatherhood by Cameron Pollack. The piece explores a Dirk Anschütz project called Father's and Sons. The project shows the relationship of father's and their sons depicted through photographs.

The article begins with a discussion about Anschütz coming into fatherhood after being raised by a single mother. A concept quite a few of my peers would understand. So how do you comprehend becoming a father, when your experience with men as a child, was never through the direct link of paternity? 

Anschütz attempted to comprehend fatherhood through photo. Memorializing moments of nurture, pain, distress, and play. Beautiful when one considers all of the emotion that words are unequipped to handle. Anschützs' work caused me to reflect on how I view fatherhood. How I comprehend a termed that has often been self-defined or undefined in my life.

As the father of X-A-H, I would be lying if I said I did not feel pressure to define the word. Though I have always felt it better to show than tell, lead by example. 

Much like Anschützs' work I want to create a picture for X-A-H of fatherhood. I would like the picture to be colored by a brown egg shells floating in taupe pancake batter, as I teach X how to make breakfast. Or fire engine red, as A and I race cars across the tile. Or by the greenish yellow grass blades bending and breaking, as H wobbles and bumbles through the park still trying to get the hang of walking. 

Less concerned with my definition of fatherhood and completely obsessed with theirs. Knowing they will have a definition that was earned, for better or worse. 

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