Elephant Noise For Equity

Elephant Noise For Equity

The movie Daddy Day Care, starring Angelica Huston and Eddie Murphy was produced in 2003. It is interesting in 2019 the conversation that film presents is still being discussed. 

We watch a lot of Daddy Day Care at home. X loves it and all of XAH look to me to make the elephant noise, like Eddie Murphy does in the film (hidden talents should stay hidden, less they be abused. I am a man...not a elephant noise machine). 

While I am not a stay at home dad. I work from home which gives me more constant exposure to my children than most dads have. This exposure does lend itself to me being more involved in child care and day-to-day decisions.

I take those responsibilities seriously, as most dads I believe do also. Being a bread winner does not have to segregate one from being a caregiver. But it does make it more difficult. 

Shifts to work-from-home models of employment do begin to re-integrate dads into the household, while allowing them to still manage fiduciary responsibilities, until pay equity is achieved across genders. 

The article, Father’s Day: Involved dads are healthier and happierby Nikki Martyn & Elena Merenda, discusses the role of the father in the home. How dad's involvement early in a child's development are critical to that child's emotional health.

The article goes a step further and talks about the under representation of men in early childhood education. The thought being that even if dad's can not be in the home consistently, exposure to men is still necessary for balanced development of children and ultimately how children grow up to see gender roles. 

Equality and equity start in infancy. As babies, all of society is equal. Children learn social roles, classes, and inequity in their experiences with the world. Any opportunity to show gender parody (even with elephant noise induced headaches) is a opportunity to impress a more equitable future on our children. 

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